Docks & Dock Accessories

Docks & Dock Accessories

Dock accessories provide the finishing touches to make your dock the place to be on a hot summer’s day in Muskoka.

Choosing the right product and ensuring it’s proper installation will allow you to enjoy your new dock for many years to come.


Dock Bumper:  Comes in different profiles and colours. Protects your boat anddock and also provides a smoother edge for swimmers.  They are installed with stainless steel screws and washers.


Dock Cleats:  Can be recessed or flip down.  This eliminates any trip hazards and offers flexibility for tying up your water toys.  We install them using galvanized or stainless lag bolts.


Swim Ladder:  Can be stainless steel or aluminum.  Flip up dock ladders are recommended so they can be flipped out of the lake when not in use.  This will prolong their lifespan and deter algae growth causing the ladder to be slippery.


Swim Steps:  An alternative to the swim ladder.  They offer a more gradual entrance and exit.




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