Dock Repairs

Dock Repairs

Gravenhurst Dock & Boathouse-April 24, 2013


The snow has started to melt and we are seeing some open water areas on the lakes. Many cottage owners are holding their breath…could there be a repeat of last years flooding? Docks were several feet underwater and some even tore right off their cribs and floated away. Canoes & kayaks stored outside the boathouse drifted off never to be seen again. Boathouse finishes were ruined. It was an expensive lesson. MNR says a spring flood this year is unlikely as the one last year was tagged as the “one in a hundred years”. We work mostly on Lake Muskoka and Lake Rosseau and have noticed the lake water is significantly lower than it was last year at this time. That is encouraging but there are so many other factors involved. Good dock construction materials and methods are the key to minimizing or even eliminating any damage from flooding.



We build quality crib and steel docks that stand the test of time. We take care of the design, engineering and acquiring permits so your experience is stress free.

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