Dock Building – Summer or Winter?

Dock Building – Summer or Winter?

We build docks and boathouses throughout the entire year.    Often our clients ask us to  work through the  winter  so construction doesn’t interfere with their time in Muskoka  during the peak cottaging season. The advantage of working in the winter is the ice on the lake which forms a good work surface around the dock.   In the summer the workers use barges to achieve the same thing. Acquiring the approvals from the various governing bodies for projects  along the shoreline can be time consuming. Often this is  the determining factor in the timing of dock and boathouse construction.  Ministy of Natural Resources (MNR),  for example,  will dictate the time of year the work can (or cannot) take place depending on the fish habitat in the area.

      Wicks Construction Ltd. is a local authority on building in Muskoka


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